Items detail

This shows the basic information, topology, and parameters for all items - processes, commodities, user constraints, and commodity groups.

  • A process converts input commodity(ies) to output commodity(ies)

  • Each process is linear (e.g. output proportional to input, investment and fixed O&M costs scale with capacity / variable O&M scale with activity)

  • A power plant converts input fuel (e.g., coal/oil/gas/nuclear/renewable source) in electricity

  • A plug-in diesel hybrid car can be modelled as a process that converts electricity and/or diesel to passenger-miles

  • A typical national model may have ~1000 processes


How to use it?

Select the region from drop down list to filter Process, Commodity, UserConstraint and Commodity Group. Select an element from the list to see the data.


Where we see the data?

Pivot view


Detailed view


Basic view


Network Diagram