Comparing Veda online and Veda2.0


Veda Online

Set Up

Minimum Hardware req., Veda2.0 License, Ms Excel, Gams+solver (Per user)

Paid User account for each user


Security entirely depends on User’s.

KanORS has access to server where Model folders are kept.


  1. Model folder via GitHub.

  2. Other user must solve cases and create Results.

  3. User cannot see the live changes.

  1. No need to share models in order to see results.

  2. No need to Solve the cases. You only need a valid user account.

  3. You can see the live updates done by Model owner.


We need physical access to the model files in order to synchronize the model. After downloading files from Git Hub we store them on file servers located on highly secured data centre in Finland.

INFORMATI0N SECURITY Certificate of Data/File Servers.

Only KanORS has the access to these servers. As a policy we do not access user’s Model Folder.


In case of Veda2.0, User’s model folder remains in their environment, so data security entirely depends at the user’s end. Also, user can share the saved Groups, Cases or Views through App Data folder (Inside Model Folder). Using GitHub for sharing is recommended.