Veda online is free for students

ETSAP and KanORS have created a free online platform where students can learn Veda-TIMES modeling.

Getting started

  • A permanent staff member of a degree granting institution needs to register on Veda online (with the institutional email address) and request ETSAP for free access for students.

  • On approval, anyone who registers with an email address from that institution will have access to the free platform.

Model folders must reside on GitHub to be used on Veda online. There are YouTube videos to introduce new users to the platform.

Features of the free platform

  • The platform is meant to support only pedagogical use.

  • Runs are solved on the NEOS server - jobs are sent as GAMS restart files that are generated on the KanORS servers. NEOS imposes size limits in two ways:
    • Files sent to NEOS cannot exceed 16MB.

    • Runs cannot consume more than 3GB.

  • Only public GitHub repos are supported on this platform, and the models created will also remain open.
    • Paid academic and other licenses allow using private repos and creating private models.

  • We may need to introduce some resource limits depending on the uptake of this service:
    • Each user will be able to keep up to 3 models and retain up to 20 cases in each.

    • Accounts that are inactive for 3 months will be deleted.

    • Runs will be terminated if they take more than 5 minutes.

  • The following Veda online features will NOT be available on this free platform:
    • Performing runs locally.

    • Uploading results from local machines.


Any report or publication that uses this platform should include the following acknowledgement:

This research utilized the TIMES model generator and VEDA Online, provided free for academic use by ETSAP IEA TCP, who developed TIMES and funds the software licenses and hardware. VEDA Online platform is provided by KanORS-EMR, and GAMS is employed as the modeling language for TIMES. For further details, visit